What is it?

Trichloracetic Acid peel is a medium depth peel that reaches slightly deeper into the skin than a superficial peel therefore producing stronger results.

How does it work?

TCA is a skin resurfacing treatment that removes dead skin cells, uncovering a 'new' layer of skin that appears smoother and more vibrant. 

What happens during treatment?

This treatment involves cleansing the skin, and then applying the TCA until the required depth is reached. This may require 2-3 applications.

Is there any downtime?

There is some downtime as skin may initially swell slightly and then begin to feel tight.  After 3-4 days  the outer layer of skin will crust and then this will peel off taking 7-10 days to complete.

What results will I see?

As a result it softens fine lines, improves tone and texture and may also help in diminishing acne scars.
A course of treatments are recommended to give you more visible longer lasting results.


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